Stay for the Long Haul

Paul Lamey:

Some pastors flight around from one church to another, never settling anywhere for long. They are like migratory birds; they change locations with the seasons. These pastors tend to treat ministry like a sprint (or a stepping stone) and not the marathon it is.

On Personal Devotions and Sermon Preparation

John MacArthur:

Don’t study to prepare sermons; study to know the truth, to rejoice in the glory and grace of God, and to be conformed to His will. Sermons should never be the primary goal of your Bible study; they should only be the overflow of it. When you study, seek an accurate understanding of who God is and what He expects—first and foremost, this is for your own devotion and holiness. And then, from the abundance, instruct your people, urging them to follow you as you follow the Truth, written and Incarnate.

Of Heartbreaks and Holiness

He came to the office looking all burdened and conflicted, a 19-year old discipleship group leader who hasn’t been in church for months. I knew why he kept his distance. His brother told me.

“We ended our relationship last Monday,” he said, a pained smile painted on his face. “It wasn’t right, we’re just kids, I’d like to pursue God and a life of holiness. She wants that too. There was no other way. But I just feel so terrible, like I dragged her into something wrong.”

I got caught off-guard. I knew this guy was madly in love months ago. He didn’t want to talk about it back then, afraid I’d convince him to prioritize his studies. Now he’s talking– with a heartbreak, with regret, with new resolve.

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In The Apartment Where I Live, There is this Elderly Lady…

In the apartment where I live, there is this dear elderly lady who waves at me almost every morning before I go to work. If I am within earshot, she would always say, “Good morning Pastor!” I’d smile, beam back my chirpiest good morning, crank my motorcycle, and speed out of the gate.

She knows I am a pastor. I knew she is related to the owner of the apartment where I live but I never really tried to find out her story. One time when I did a dedication service for their family’s computer shop, we exchanged a few sentences over breakfast. She said she liked my exhortation and that she appreciated that I recited the Apostle’s Creed.

Her name is Mommy Esther. Today we celebrated her 81st birthday and I was to give an exhortation before dinner.

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