Let Us Not Be Fooled

The world is in a critical condition, desperate for the transforming power of Christ; meanwhile the devil schemes to hide this obvious fact from us. His policies of murder and genocide having failed to prevent the birth of our Savior (Matthew 2:16-18) and later, his resurrection, Satan’s only other alternative was to prevent the preaching of the gospel.

At first, the devil used mainly persecution and false gospels to this end, but over the centuries he has built up a considerable armory. A favorite subtle weapon he deploys is to redirect our priorities. Satan doesn’t mind how hard we work for our churches, as long as our work keeps us from wreaking havoc on his evil kingdom by spreading the gospel.

Beware! We can study doctrine, engage in fellowship, preach prosperity or cultivate our own souls in ways that bring us no closer to fulfilling Christ’s commission to preach the gospel to every nation. Let us not be fooled. We are wallowing in deception when we allow “good” activities to crowd out the most urgent work of all.

Reinhard Bonnke, TIME IS RUNNING OUT