It was the time for celebration again. Our sisters who were working in Manila came home after a few years of work, brought presents for a family of 10 and shared about their experiences in the big city while we, kids, listened in wonder about stories of big supermalls, elevators, traffic, and the “glitter” of urban life. I was 11, we lived in the mountainous parts of Leyte, I’ve never seen a big bus, never been inside an air conditioned building, no idea what escalators were, and what it was like to speak Tagalog everyday.

My sisters’ vacation that time was different. They brought something new with them, something we never had in the house before: a big red Tagalog New Testament Bible with Psalms and Proverbs. It was the Good News version so there were stick drawings in the pages. Back then, it was easier for me to locate verses by just looking at the drawings.

Our spiritual lives are somewhat similar to clocks. Our batteries can go weak, we can get busted with the wear and tear of the daily grind, and most importantly, there are times, lots of times in fact, when we are out of synch with the real clock, the Holy Spirit. Then the world sees us, looks at us, tries to “read” us, and end up getting confused because we sometimes convey the “wrong time.”