For the people of Victory Caloocan, the last two or three weeks have been a series of rapid, high energy activities. We recently launched our new center at the 6th floor of Victory Central Mall in August 29 and the 1,000 attendance barrier that we’ve been praying about this year has just been broken. Everything around us is new- the building, the air conditioning system, the stage, the equipment, the kids’ church and even the computers. It is time to celebrate and rejoice at what God is doing in this church.

And while we are at it, I can’t help but be reminded of what Pastor Ferdie and all the other pastors have been telling us months before: what brought us here may not bring us there- or at least something along those lines. The idea is that the commitment, hard work and sacrifices that brought us to where we are now may no longer work this time. A new approach might be necessary to sustain our present productivity. Who knows what the Lord will demand of us so we can soar to new heights?

To me, this is quite a sobering idea. I came from a religious background where people have an aversion to change. We’d often do something because it proved to be successful in the seventies. I know that’s hardcore backward thinking but somehow I could understand why some people try to hold on to past glories, if only to feel a sense of accomplishment and success. Forward thinking is always risky. It makes everyone nervous. It slaps us with the fact that our minds are finite and limited and we could not see all ends but it forces us to admit that we need the wisdom of God every step of the way.

Amid the festive atmosphere, loud cymbals and outrageous worship this past two Sundays, I realized two things. First is that the Lord blessed us with a new center, not so we can feel cool about it (although that can be a bonus too) but so we can have a bigger venue to make disciples. This place can be filled quickly with people who need Jesus and it is just a matter of time before we can go for another additional afternoon service. That all sounds great and exciting but that also means we need to raise up victory group leaders as fast as we can.

The pace with which we raised up leaders months ago will no longer be enough today. As I looked around my victory group last Sunday, I was gripped with a sharp sense of awareness that the people who were gathered around our little group only represented a tiny fraction of the total attendance. There were still so many people who are not connected in our victory groups, people who come in and out of our services without anybody saying hello to them, people who may need a prayer, a word of encouragement, a friend, a leader to point them to the direction of Christ.

As I’ve always told the guys in our group, there are times when we are only given one chance to touch a person’s life. The guy you sat next to today may no longer be there next week. We may only have today to make a difference and if we miss that chance, who knows what else we missed?

The second thing I realized is the fact that the God who brought us here is faithful and He will provide everything that is needed to bring us to the future He mapped out for us. At least this sounds very comforting. Seeing the need around us is quite pointless and would only lead us to despair if we fail to see the all-sufficiency of Christ in our circumstances. God provides. Jesus got it covered already. And I am sure that that includes finances, leadership, vision, guidance, and everything else in between. Anyone who’s ever read the Bible knows that God is able to work out something wonderful despite the limitations of our humanity.

Tonight, as I lay myself to sleep, I feel secure in these two things:

a.) There’s too much to do, I am needed.
b.) God provides, He’ll help me do what I need to do.

Good night everyone.


Published by

Jojo Agot

Pastor at Victory. Teacher and writer at Every Nation Leadership Institute (ENLI). MA in Theology and Mission at Every Nation Seminary.

2 thoughts on “Afterthoughts”

  1. This post really struck something in me.

    I had a recent of vision of what I truly see myself doing, but questions haunt me…why? How? What will it really look like? How? And oh yeah, how? You are right, the God who brought me to this place is faithful, and he will provide what I need. It's fine if I don't know how everything will piece itself together. I'm not suppossed to!


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