Fresh Theology

I recently got my copy of Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris more than a week ago. I didn’t know what the book was all about, I just picked it up from OMF during the Manila International Book Fair simply because I knew the author and the Rumspringa story in the first chapter really caught my attention.

Joshua Harris was the guy behind the I Kissed Dating Goodbye fame. Whereas most people would associate his name with the love and courtship genre, he is actually more than that. The first few chapters of Dug Down Deep would show that he has matured into a well respected pastor and writer with so much to share to the body of Christ.

Harris’ sudden shift to theological stuff was a pleasant surprise for me. Dug Down Deep reads like an introduction to theology minus all the technical words and the formal writing style. In a matter of days, my new Kindle was populated with books Harris mentioned like RC Sproul’s The Holiness of God, Jerry Bridges’ The Pursuit of Holiness, JC Ryle’s Holiness, and Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology.

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