When God Is Silent

That doesn’t happen, actually.

There is no such thing as non-talking, non-hearing Jesus. Heaven will never, for all eternity, have a sign at its door saying it’s Out of Order or that its communication lines are jammed. The times when you feel like God is silent, it’s because you are seeking His voice only from the usual places- your feelings.

For some reason, many people often forget that there’s a place where God’s guidance is always available any time of the day- the pages of the Scriptures. The Bible is a guide. It contains precepts and principles on Christian living.

Precepts are clearly stated imperatives, like abstaining from sexual impurity or not committing murder. As Charles Swindoll says, it’s like a speed limit of 100 kph. Anything beyond 100 kilometers is wrong.

Principles are general guidelines that need discernment and maturity. Issues like confronting a superior or ratting out an office mate who is stealing company resources aren’t found in the Bible. But principles on relationships are plenty.

When God doesn’t seem to answer your prayer for guidance, it doesn’t mean that He is not answering. You don’t need a burning bush experience whenever you ask God to show you the way. A simple verse will do.

Go, read your Bible.

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