No Such Thing as Facebook Fasting

There is no such thing as Facebook fasting. Abstinence, maybe. But fasting, no.

Make no mistake about it. In the Bible, fasting has always been related to food and water intake. When Moses went up to Mount Sinai, it wasn’t because he needed a break from his friends. It was because he had a divine appointment with God that was so sacred that it should not be interrupted with eating or drinking.

Contemporary theologian Scot McKnight wrote:

To say that fasting means “not to indulge” opens up the door for some creative ideas. Some today use the word fasting for not watching TV during Lent, abstaining from desserts, or not watching sports on Sunday. Each of these can be a good discipline for specific individuals, but I do not believe it is accurate to call these things fasting. Why? Because fasting in the Bible describes not eating or not drinking. In the Bible, fasting is about not eating food or (rarely) about not drinking water. To choose not to watch TV or not to eat savory meats on Friday is not fasting but abstinence. I think it is important to distinguish between fasting and abstinence…

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