Uncovered Faces

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai after his forty days of prayer and fasting where he received the ten commandments, his face was radiant. He didn’t know it but when Aaron and the rest of the Israelites saw him, they stayed back. They were afraid of him. He was literally oozing with spiritual power that he had to cover his face. (Exodus 34: 29- 35)

As we come out from our seven-day prayer and fasting today, let us not cover our faces. Not anymore. The world needs to see that light, that radiance that could only come from God. Let them see that the light of your life does not come from your being smart or cool but it comes as a direct result of your exposure to the glory of God.

Don’t be afraid if people think you are “deep” or spiritual or different. God’s glory is not something to be ashamed of. People may say it with a slight jeer in their voice but they only take notice because the glory of God stands out from all the blackness of the world. People need that light, show it to them. Don’t hide it under your usual pretensions. Don’t try to cover it with your usual sarcasm and biting remarks. Let it out. Let it shine bright.

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