Hope for Egypt and Australia

I was browsing through my TweetDeck feed tonight before going to bed when I came across Jeremy Camp’s post next to a CNN tweet. A thought struck me:

Today, in two different parts of the world, trouble is causing thousands of people to lose sleep. In Egypt, the problem is political. A direct result of human decision. TIME’s tweet is so morbid: Blood in the Streets of Cairo.

In Australia, Tropical Cyclone Yasi is ravaging Queensland. People are being evacuated. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said it’s gonna be a tough 24 hours. People need to prepare for the worst case scenario. Nature is gonna lash out on the land.

Two nations. Two kinds of troubles. One is man-made. The other is nature’s fury. Jeremy Camp’s Bible quote on Twitter paints a ray of hope for both nations: “The Lord will be a refuge for the oppressed (Egypt), a refuge in times of trouble (Australia)…” Psalms 9: 9.

Good night everyone. If you read this, please say a prayer for both nations.

Published by

Jojo Agot

Pastor at Victory Caloocan; married to Donna; father to Lucas; enjoys books, Coffee+Bear Brand, and movies with magic and flying.

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