Guard Your Heart

Guard your heart…

“Let it be closely garrisoned. Let the sentinel never be sleeping at its post . . . if the citadel is be taken, the whole town must surrender. If the heart be seized, the whole man—the affections, desires, motives, pursuits—all will be yielded up.

The heart is the vital part of the body. A wound here is instant death. Thus—spiritually as well as naturally—out of the heart are the issues of life. It is the great vital spring of the soul, the fountain of actions, the center and the seat of principle, both of sin and holiness (Matthew 12:34–35).

The natural heart is a fountain of poison (Matthew 15:19). The purified heart is a well of living water (John 4:14). As is the fountain, so must be the streams. As is the heart, so must be the mouth, the eyes, the feet.

Therefore, above all keeping, keep thine heart. Guard the fountain, lest the waters be poisoned. . . . Many have been the bitter moments from the neglect of this guard. All keeping is vain, if the heart not be kept.

Did you catch that? All Bible study, all mission trips, all marriage vows, and all worship is in vain if the heart is not kept.”

Source: Steve Farrar, How To Ruin Your Life by 40 (Moody Publishers, 2006) p128.

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