How to Grow Your Victory Group

Have fun in your victory group meeting. Make it more exciting. Pepper it with laughter to make people at ease. But remember that if you go home without talking about Christ, without saying anything about the crucified Savior, without mentioning the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross for all humanity, you will have skipped the most important reason why we do victory groups in the first place.

Yes we tell them that relationships are important. Yes we tell them that they need to make the right choices. Yes we tell them that they need to be good, that they need to act in love, that they need to be responsible, and excellent, and honest, and polite, and positive. But if we take away the name of Christ from the whole meeting, if we fail to exalt Jesus, what good is your victory group?

Don’t pamper them with pop psychology or cute quotes. Lead them to the foot of the cross. Bring them to Jesus. Show them the fire of the Holy Spirit. You only have this moment to lead a person to Christ. You will never know how small the window of opportunity you have to touch a person’s life. He may be here today. Who knows where he will be next week?

Cultivate friendships within your group but don’t let that blind you of your purpose to eventually multiply your group so you could accommodate more people. Relationships make us feel good but the supremacy of Christ over us is so much better. Trust me on this: our friendships would have more meaning and purpose if we place them under the Lordship of Jesus.

Learn the art of cutting in the long winding talks of overly talkative people. At the same time, learn the art of drawing the “silent type” into the conversation. Do both with grace. But don’t forget that it’s not so much about information transfer. It is about teaching people to follow Jesus. Play with ideas but don’t get stuck there. Drive all the points to real life application. What good is a truth that doesn’t translate to action?

Know when to laugh and crack jokes. But more importantly, be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and know when to be serious. A person’s life and salvation may depend on that one moment.

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