Abiding in Christ

I believe that the real struggle among Christians is not really the struggle to fight off sin but the struggle to abide in Christ on a daily basis. And the reason we are losing our battle against sin is not for lack of faith but our fighting the wrong battle. 

To put it plainly, our real struggle is to get up every morning and open the pages of the Bible, get on our knees and pray. And then to keep that holy fire of God’s presence burning in our hearts all day until we get to our knees again at night and refuel our empty tanks. 

We lose to sin because instead of taking care of our devotions, we rush to the day, trying hard to keep our eyes closed whenever we are bombarded with images of sin and lust, trying very hard not to steal and talk back and harbor anger. We spend our energies trying to quiet down our internal urges, trying to keep ourselves in check.

Jojo Agot

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