What Happens After Training for Victory?

In the book Simple Church, Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger talked about four elements that characterize most vibrant churches: Clarity, Movement, Alignment and Focus.

My local church has no problem with clarity so let’s just skip that for now and let’s tackle the second element- movement, or the fluid hand-off of people from one step to another. It seems to me that we while we have no problem moving people from the worship service to small groups to Training for Victory, everything just kind of stop right there.

People graduate and go back to whatever it is they were doing. After we trained three batches, we have yet to see new small groups opening up. The truth is that we are still struggling to birth second generation leaders. Our small groups are still being led by people who have been leading these groups for years. After taking the Training for Victory, we’ve lost our momentum.

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