All In One Day

a.) Received a surprise prophecy at the morning prayer session. I didn’t see that one coming. Thank God for prophetic gifts in our midst.

b.) Joined the Metro Manila Monthly Staff Meeting for the first time. The atmosphere was exhilarating. Pastor Joel Barrios’ worship was so powerful; Pastor Manny Carlos’ exhortation from Matthew 13: 44-46 was more than a full spiritual meal; reports from all over Every Nation Ministries inspired faith and worship. Glad to see full time missionaries in person- those who are on vacation and those who are being sent out. I introduced myself to Ms Mary Malinao who just got back from Dubai. We both came from the same home town, Ormoc City.

c.) Laughed and cried at Pastor Jun Escosar’s retelling of Victory stories. As a newcomer, I am not really that familiar with the stories of how Victory started. Pastor Jun’s stories inspired faith and awe. Pastor Joseph Bonifacio was right, whenever Pastor Jun gives a lecture, you wouldn’t need coffee to stay awake. His passion (and the sheer volume of his voice) is a natural caffiene.

d.) Overwhelmed at the joint sessions of four Every Nation Schools: World Missions, Church Planting, Local Church Ministry and Campus Ministry. Seeing a roomful of world changers is a real spiritual boost. As I often say, I deeply admire church planters and full time missionaries for their courage to be in the frontline of our ministries.

e.) One big idea: I’m in a company of great men and women of God. I have a room to grow here and I am grateful at the kind of discipleship culture our leaders built.


Published by

Jojo Agot

Pastor at Victory. Teacher and writer at Every Nation Leadership Institute (ENLI). MA in Theology and Mission at Every Nation Seminary.

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