Why Are God’s Commands a Delight, Not a Burden?

1. Understand that when Psalm 119 was written, the whole Bible was not yet complete. The writer may have only been reading the first five books of the Old Testament which are technically called The Law. When he said that he loved God’s commands, he was actually saying he loved the WORD OF GOD. Keep this is mind as you read the entire chapter and you’ll see the fresh meaning of the verses right away.

2. God’s laws (or God’s Word) were given to give us the freedom to become what God wanted us to become. They restrict us from doing what might cripple us and keep us from being our best. God’s guidelines (words) help us follow his path and avoid paths that lead to destruction (quoted from Life Application Study Bible). If the Word of God has this saving power, I don’t see any reason why anyone would consider it a burden.

3. Obedience is a burden only to servants. To sons and daughters, it is a delight.

4. The reason we rejoice at the Word of God is because this same Word is the Word that became flesh and lived among us. The writer may have written about the first five books of the Bible but for us in the New Testament, we know that eventually the psalm points to Jesus.

5. I would rather hear a word of command from God than not hear from Him at all. Too many people complain that the Word of God is difficult to obey. Would they rather have a silent God? During the time of Exodus, the Israelites foolishly asked that God would only speak through Moses because they tremble at His voice. They didn’t want to hear him speak.