Don’t Suffer for Nothing

When you go through affliction, make sure that you filter all your experiences and feelings and reactions through the lens of the Word of God. Look for lessons to learn, things God must be teaching you through the hard times and resolve in your heart to make the necessary adjustments in your life to accomodate the lessons you learned.

This is the only profitable way to handle trials. If you miss this part, the affliction will be for nothing. It will just leave a mark of pain in your heart but there is no eternal value that was added to you. You will have suffered for nothing. Too bad. If you must suffer and go through pain, you might as well learn the lesson and grow from there or else every bit of it will just be wasted opportunity.

Puritan pastor Andrew Murray wrote in The True Vine: “It is only when affliction leads to this discipline of the Word that it becomes a blessing; the lack of this heart-cleansing through the Word is the reason why affliction is so often unsanctified.”

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