More Than Just Emotions

The Christian religion is neither a set of intellectual convictions nor a bundle of emotional feelings. It is a compound of both, the intellectual giving birth to the emotional aspect.

This means that your emotional responses to the gospel should be properly guided by your correct understanding of the teachings of Christ. You can’t just go crying or shouting because you feel warm inside. That’s pure emotionalism.

If you ever get emotional, it should be because you first understood something liberating. People who scream too much and dance too much in their worship should make sure that their reason for doing so is based on a clear understanding of the gospel and not on the false hype the preacher or worship leader incited them to.

Hype doesn’t change a person. It only incites him to an extreme show of excitement. When the rush is over, he would still need to be sustained with a good dose of the gospel that requires intellectual understanding.

A truly well balanced Christian is one who thinks of the gospel critically and turns his understanding into expressions of joy and worship. In other words, someone whose worship is extravagant, backed up by solid theology, resulting in a contagious Christian lifestyle.

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