Hebrews 1:3
He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power…

He upholds the universe by His powerful word. He upholds everything in this created world by virtue of His spoken word. Not one atom is out of kilter; not one particle performs outside its designed purpose. Every single cell, every single organism, every single creature acts out the purposes God created it to do. And all these they do according to the spoken word of God that binds them all together and ordered them to exist in perfect ecological unison.

Don’t you think it amazing that the power that holds the planets and the smallest particles together is the same power that saved you from the fires of hell and the temptations that damage the soul? Don’t you think it praiseworthy that the power that ordered the universe to existence is the same power that sustains your weary heart in its darkest, most trying moments?

Be encouraged. The God who masterfully crafted the intricate details of nature never lets you out of His mind. He is not a distant God. If He can give diligent attention to creating atoms, the more He can give due attention to saving humans. He is for you. He will sustain you in those times when nothing else could give you the help you need.

But how?

By His word. He sustains the universe by His word. That is the exact, same power that would keep you from falling. By reading His word, cherishing it in your heart, holding deep into it, never letting it pass you by without changing your soul.

It’s amazing that the power that could sustain us is actually very much available to us anytime we need it. They’re just there in the pages of the good book. But isn’t it a shame that millions of people all over the world are groping in the dark while their Bibles lay in their shelves unopened, unread, unapplied, unmeditated?

Christian, if you really are interested in finding strength to sustain your soul, the answer is literally at your fingertips. Go grab it. Open your Bible. Now.

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