Don’t Forget the Firewood

You will never run out of things to do. There will always be things that will demand your attention. Until the day the Lord calls you home, your list of responsibilities and the people’s expections of you will only increase and pile up.

But the secret to accomplishing much is choosing what is more important and what has eternal value. Like Mary who took time to sit down at the feet of Jesus, let us resolve to choose what really matters.

Counseling can wait. Ministry can wait. That Facebook post can wait. But your time at the feet of Jesus is far more important. It is the fuel that brings fire to your counseling, to your ministry and to all the other things that you need to do. In fact, your time with Jesus is the fire that turns your Facebook posts from an annoying religious stray bullet to a powerful word of encouragement.

Neglecting your time at the feet of Jesus is like forgetting to put firewood in the fireplace. You could stay warm for a time but if you want to keep the fire burning, you must never forget to put firewood. If you do, it’s only a matter of time before the fire dies down and coldness will creep into your bones.

This post was written while Pastor Gilbert was exhorting during our U-Belt Caloocan Pastors Meeting today. His topic was about Mary and Martha.

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