God Have Mercy on this Generation

On May 9, 2012, the world took on a different turn. Barack Obama made the most audacious statement ever made by a sitting President of the United States: he declared his support for same-sex marriage. America, the entire twitterverse and the blogging world were all stirred up.

On my part of the globe, though, Jessica Sanchez’ performance in American Idol and the Santiago/Tulfo airport brawl continue to be the top news people kept talking about.

The world significantly turned two days ago. History literally happened right before our own eyes. The (purportedly) most powerful nation on earth pronounced its sharp deviation from Biblical Christianity upon which almost all our institutions are derived from. And yet a broad swath of Christians are looking the other way, to celebrity scandals and reality TV shows, when we should have been moved to intense prayers, to tears, to dust and ashes and wails of mercy.

God have mercy on this generation.

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