Laban’s Dream

I have the power to harm you; but last night the God of your father said to me, ‘Be careful not to say anything to Jacob, either good or bad.’ –Genesis 31:29

Point 1: If we only listen to the voice of God and the voice of conscience that speak to us at night, so much mischief and pain will be prevented in this life.

Point 2: Evil people are under the restraint and leash of the Almighty. They cannot harm us unless the injury passes through the loving providence of God. And when pain is permitted by God, we can be sure that it is meant to correct, build up, sanctify and draw us closer to Him, not to harm us but to give us hope and a future.

Point 3: Evil people boast on their ability to do injure, slander and do harm. We often hear people say it like this: “Pasalamat ka at nagbago na ‘ko.” Jesus, on the other hand, extolled the virtue of meekness and self-control.

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