God Heard them Crying

One lesson I learned from Exodus:

God heard the cries of the Hebrew people. I am aware that that doesn’t sound very spectacular to our ears. We all know that God hears our cries, no big deal. In fact, we, people of the 21st century, even have this twisted sense of entitlement that God is supposed to hear us. He is God after all. It is His job to hear us when we cry. And so the fact that God heard the cries of the Hebrews doesn’t amaze us that much.

But what’s really interesting about the Hebrew story is that they were simply just crying to no one in particular. There is not a record that their cries were directed at Jehovah. Yet all the same, God came down to respond by delivering them in a very spectacular way. Incredible, isn’t it? God, in His amazing grace, swooped down to intervene in human affairs even if it is unbidden by the initiative of their prayers.

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