Please Don’t Dismiss Theology

If preachers, the supposed lovers and champions of sound doctrine, dismiss theology as if it doesn’t matter, then we are all in a sorry state as a corporate body of Christ.

It is shocking to hear some ministers to say things like, “You don’t need theology when you’re praying for the sick.” All areas of Christian ministry (and all of life for that matter) are based on theological assumptions. When you pray for the sick, that’s because you believe in a theology that God is more powerful than sicknesses.

Pastor, give your people a sense that there’s a wealth of good things waiting for them when they pursue the knowledge of God. Never tell them that it’s a dead-end and they need not proceed any further.

Each time you downplay theology, you inadvertently imply at least two things:

1. That you have figured God out, and what you found is not worth talking about.
2. That you have not figured God out and the whole enterprise is not worth the trouble.

None of this is true. The abundance of theological literature we have in our libraries point to the fact that the study of God is a fascinating pursuit.

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