Book Review: Max On Life

I have been reading Max Lucado for fifteen years now and all his books that I read were good. He is a good writer with great imagination. He builds his ideas slowly and paints word pictures before finally unveiling his point. He has a knack of restating Bible passages without twisting them. He can dramatize a particular Bible scene and give it a 21st century backdrop.

His 2011 release, however, was a bit different. In Max on Life, Lucado deviates a little from his usual writing style. The book is a compilation of 172 questions sent to him by readers. The topics are varied and because the format of the book is meant to give short answers even to tough questions, the quality of the answers seemed to suffer. Questions about the existence of God, pain, loss and eternity in heaven and hell are just too broad to be addressed in a few paragraphs.

Consider this book as a brochure of frequently asked questions that you can share to a friend that you met in the hallway of a church. The answers are Biblically correct (as in all the other Lucado books) but since the conversation is quick, you don’t really give full explanations. This book gives only introductory answers but if you are looking for a more careful treatment of some of the questions, you will have to look somewhere else.

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