I Need Thee Every Hour

I cried a little bit tonight while reading a chapter of Kevin De Young’s The Good News We Almost Forgot. The book is about the Heidelberg Catechism and the section I was reading was on questions 3, 4 and 5.

3. How do you come to know your misery? Answer: The law of God tells me.
4. What does God’s law require of us? Answer: Full quotation of Matthew 22:37-40; love God with everything you are; love others as you love yourself.
5. Can you live up to all this perfectly? Answer: No, I have a natural tendency to hate God and my neighbor.

The answer to question 5 jumped at me. I realized that most of the time I delude myself into thinking that I am perfectly fine. I am not. My tendency is not to love God. I don’t get up in the morning with a strong desire to pray, worship, read my Bible and happily go on obeying every commandment I memorized. I don’t particularly love my neighbors either. In short, I fall short of this two simple commandments over and over again.

Scholars say that some Jewish religious leaders catalogued the Old Testament commandments and found that there are 613 of them. That’s a lot of commandments. The problem is that I can’t even memorize a quarter of them, let alone obey. Neither can I keep just the Ten Commandments. Or even the two greatest commandments.

That is why I need a Savior. That is the reason why I need Jesus. The instrumental music below perfectly summarizes the sentiment of my heart. I need thee every hour, Jesus.


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