God Plus Something Else

A. W. Tozer on why we are not happy:

As Lady Julian thought about this she said, “If this is all true, then why be we not all of great ease of heart and soul? Why aren’t Christians the happiest, the most easeful people in all the wide world?” Then she answered her own question: “Because we seek to have our rest in things that are so little. This hazelnut into which is condensed all that is– we try to find our pleasure in those little things.”

What is it that makes you happy? What cheers you up and gives you a moral lift? Is it your job? Is it the fact that you have good clothes? Is it that you’ve married well or have a fine position? Just what is it that brings you joy?

That’s our trouble. We know that God is so vast that in comparison everything is just the size of a hazelnut. And yet we’re not a happy people because we got our minds set on things. We multiply things, and we increase things and we perfect things. We beautify things and we put our confidence in things AND God. We have our job and God; we have our husband and God; we have our strong body and God; we have our good job and God; we have our home and God. We have our ambition for the future and God, and so we put God as a plus sign after something else.

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