A Glimpse of the Holy

From my Facebook post on July 14:

I am convinced that most of us have no idea how much the Lord is working silently in the background of our lives. We have no inkling how much He is keeping us, how much he is holding back evil from happening to us and how much grace is exerted to sustain us. If He were to open our eyes so we can see the outworking of His care for us, we will be astounded at the magnitude of His kindness and grace. We will be shocked to find that He is more good than we give Him credit for. And instead of arrogant prayers and misguided declarations of faith, we will just fall down on our knees in awestruck reverence for Jesus. We would want to cry and be silent at the same time. We would want to offer a thousand praises but no appropriate words will come out of our mouths. No human vocabulary could express the million things that our hearts are bursting to say. Not even all the Hallelujahs and the Amens in every language known to man will be enough. Words will literally fail us. Our hearts will just burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit. We will just shake our heads and cry in silence while the grace of God consumes every fiber of our being. In that moment, we get a glimpse of heaven and see the hem of the garment of the King of Kings who is seated on His throne. All our human troubles will melt into insignificance because we will see that in the final analysis, only God matters.

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