Spreading to the Nations

When we think of the word viral, we usually think of Justin Bieber’s Youtube video that got him to stardom, or any online video, embarrassing or otherwise, that gets viewed by millions of people. Gone are the days when the word viral exclusively has anything to do with virus and biochemical weapons. Today, viral is anything that gets the attention of the public and is spreading quickly via social media.

But did you know that before anyone came up with the idea of social media, before computers and the internet came into existence, something viral has already gone through the world by word of mouth? From the time of the ascension of Jesus up until today, the gospel has been spreading like wildfire from Jerusalem to Rome, from Africa to Europe, and from America to the rest of the world. From the moment the Apostle Paul set sail to saturate the Roman world with the good news of Jesus, world missions hasn’t stopped even to this day. And this gospel that has been preached down through the ages literally changed the course of world history.

As the world changes and our means of communication changes, the message of the gospel remains the same: Jesus Christ has the power to save human beings from the clutches of sin. This is the message that needs to go viral. This is the message that needs to be shared everywhere we go. This is the message that needs to make rounds all over the world. Our prayer is that as we go about our normal routines everyday, we will be carriers of the message of Christ– a message of hope, and love and salvation.

Watch the video teaser below and join us in the next two weeks for our brand new series in Victory called Viral.


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