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Robert H. Gundry’s Commentary on James; Warren Wiersbe’s 10 People Every Christian Should Know; and Burk Parson’s John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine and Doxology.

Tony Reinke, in his book Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books, penned this words about the importance of reading, especially for Christians:

One of the most important events in the history of publishing took place in the book of Exodus when God put pen to paper — or finger to stone — and wrote and published the Ten Commandments (Exodus 31:18). That day on Sinai, God published, he became an author, and literacy was forever changed.

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Jojo Agot

Lead pastor at Victory Caloocan; married to Donna; father to Lucas; enjoys books, Coffee+Bear Brand, and movies with magic and flying.

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