From the Interwebs (11/09/13)

Intersection Between Christianity and Art – Read about an Emmy-winning illustrator’s journey from atheism to Jesus. “Illustrators are image-makers. Their craft employs the imagination to create the visual equivalent of a verbal idea. When illustrators pick up their markers and draw “good” pictures, they bear the image of God as Creator.”

Why Does the Resurrection Really Matter? – The Resurrection demonstrated that the Cross was a victory, not a defeat. Easter is the unveiling of God’s answer to the problems of the world… [and] that the living God has made a decisive bridgehead into this present world with his healing and all-conquering love; and that, in the name of this strong love, all the evils, all the injustices, and all the pains of the present world must now be addressed with the news that healing, justice, and love have won the day.

J. I. Packer defines sin as the “anti-God drive in mankind’s makeup that is our legacy from Adam.” That’s real punchy Professor!


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