How to Detect Prosperity Gospel

In this episode of Ask Pastor John podcast, John Piper identified six ways to detect prosperity gospel.

1) The absence of a serious doctrine of the Biblical necessity and normalcy of suffering. Acts 14:21, Romans 8:23, John 15:20

2) The absence of a clear and prominent doctrine of self-denial. Rom 8:13, Phil 3:8

3) Absence of serious exposition of Scripture. The pastor has favorite topics he goes back to over and over. Be suspicious of topical preaching.

4) Absence of dealing with tensions in Scripture. Does the preacher bring up problem passages and do exposition? Is he content to quote one text while ignoring many other texts that say something else?

5) Do the church leaders have exorbitant lifestyles? Is the pastor living above the average person in his parish?

6) Is there a prominence of self and the marginalization of the greatness of God? Does the preacher (and his wife and kids) get prominent airtime in the sermon than the greatness of Jesus?

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