On Death and Losing a Loved One

Last week, I received news that the father of two of my friends died. These siblings used to attend my discipleship group in Caloocan before I transfered here in Tacloban about a year ago. I didn’t know why but even at a distance of over a thousand kilometers, I could feel the sense of loss and devastation in the family.

The news really got me thinking about the place of death in the Bible. I realized that even believers of Christ are not spared from the fangs of death for now. We all lose someone, and one day, someone will lose us too. Such is the destructive effect of the original sin on humans. Death came as a result of the fall. Death tears us apart, it puts a sudden stop to our relationships, it leaves us in mid-sentence, it doesn’t give us the chance to finish saying the things we needed to say.

But not all hope is lost. Jesus came to seep away the poison of sin and death from our lives. The salvation that he offers us is both the redemption of our souls and the hope for future resurrection. This is the reason why we (us and our loved ones) need to put our hope in Christ. Apart from Him, all our loves are lost forever. Only in Jesus is there an assurance that the ones we lost are not really lost.

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