Of Heartbreaks and Holiness

He came to the office with a different look on his face, a 19-year old discipleship group leader who hasn’t been in church for months. I knew why he kept his distance. His brother told me.

“We ended our relationship last Monday,” he said, a pained smile painted on his face. “It wasn’t right, we’re just kids, I’d like to pursue God and a life of holiness. She wants that too. There was no other way. But I just feel so terrible, like I dragged her into something wrong.”

I got caught off-guard. I knew this guy was madly in love months ago. He didn’t want to talk about it back then, afraid I’d convince him to prioritize his studies. Now he’s talking– with a heartbreak, with regret, with new resolve.

“What made you change your mind?” I asked gently.

He half-smiled and sheepishly answered. “The preaching series on holiness. It was like God was directly talking to me from the pulpit.”

I turned away. Something got caught in my eyes. My appreciation for the simple preaching of the Word of God grew exponentially.

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