We Don’t Need a Louder Band

Worship is fueled by sound theology. The more you understand the self- revelation of God through His Word, the more your heart responds in genuine worship.

The heart of a worshiper doesn’t soar high if you try to stir it up with hype and tired clichés. Loud shouts and clanging cymbals can’t create spiritual fire. Smoke machines and sophisticated guitar riffs can’t generate zeal. All these musical instruments are tools; the real fire of our worship burns when our hearts are gripped with a revelation of who God is.

The cure for dry worship is not a louder band but a solid, biblical understanding of the greatness of God. You want to be on fire for God? Read your Bible diligently. Soak in the Word until your heart is warmed. Keep doing it until the Word of God sparks fire inside you.

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