Why Christians Should be Hardworking People

In his book Every Good Endeavor, Tim Keller mentioned that work is as basic as food, rest, friendship, prayer, and sexuality. When people don’t work, they feel less significant than others who do. This is especially true for those who used to be busy but are suddenly cutoff from work.

We know this is true. We’ve all heard of elderly or handicapped people who are depressed because they don’t feel very useful anymore. Meanwhile, we also automatically place high value on people who hold important jobs. Subconsciously, we recognize that work factors into our perception of importance. 

In the Christian worldview, we work to become fruitful human beings and to express our worship to God. This means that as Christians, our work is never just about finishing all our tasks by 5pm. Because our jobs are tied to our spirituality, we work excellently not to impress people but to honor the God who gave us work. The most hardworking people in the workplace should be the followers of Christ for the sheer reason that their motivation for work is rooted in something greater than the work itself.


Published by

Jojo Agot

Pastor at Victory. Teacher and writer at Every Nation Leadership Institute (ENLI). MA in Theology and Mission at Every Nation Seminary.

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