Look Up, Christian, Look Up

Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up. *

Enough looking behind your shoulders. There’s no use looking back at something you can’t change. The past gives no hope, only lessons to help you make godly choices in the future.

Stop looking around trying to gauge whether or not people approve everything you do. It is an exhausting way to live and you will never please everyone anyway. Live for the audience of One instead, seeking only what is honorable to Jesus. In the end, his opinion is the only opinion that matters. You will be surprised that unlike our parents, peers, and bosses, Jesus is way, way more gracious.

So look up, Christian, look up. Look to Christ who loves you without stopping, not to the past that haunts without mercy or the people around you that you couldn’t please anyway.

*HT: Sammy Lopez

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