Building a Discipleship Culture

More than a year ago we did our first post-Yolanda discipleship training here in Tacloban. There were only 15 of us but we were hopeful that the Lord will grow the seeds we were planting at that time.

This Saturday, we will have our fourth Victory Weekend with 25 participants. By the time this week is over, we would have baptized close to 100 people in less than two years, over 90% of them are locals. That is amazing. The first time I came here in early 2014, almost half of those who attended our services were foreigners. Every week we would pray for more locals to be plugged into the church. We conducted discipleship trainings, did One2One and formed victory groups even if it seemed like nothing was happening.

Looking back, I appreciate the grace of doing the same old boring strokes of discipleship. The seeds we planted a year ago grew without us noticing it. Just last Sunday, I looked around the foodcourt of Robinsons and saw, to my surprise, five victory groups huddled together even if these people were supposed to be out for the Yolanda commemoration.

I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw this. I wondered, “when did we start having a discipleship culture in Tacloban?”

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