Like Balm for the Soul

In the book “Encouragement for Today’s Pastors: Help from the Puritans, Terry Slachter and Joel Beeke’s words are like balm for the pastor’s soul. It is amazing how we sometimes feel like we are the only ones facing ministry problems. The Puritans have been there and they offer wise words for us who do ministry in the 21st century.

“A minister is never more effective for Christ than when he faithfully perseveres in the midst of great personal brokenness. For in this brokenness, as Sibbes said, you offer people a moving example, stir their minds to ask what keeps you faithful, provide public confirmation of the worthiness of Christ’s cause, and demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit in you. In short, you encourage all who have the same Spirit.

“So do not let weakness and suffering bring you down. Your effectiveness has never depended on your own strength, so depend upon God to use you for His glory. The Lord loves His ministers. He decided from eternity past exactly how to work through us, even though we are often blind to how He is working in our circumstances. We can only be faithful to His Word.”

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