Book Review: The Final Summit

I started reading Andy Andrews’ The Final Summit many times but I couldn’t just get past the feeling that something was off even as early as the first chapter. David Ponder, the character who was first introduced in Andrews’ previous book The Traveler’s Gift, had a meeting with archangel Gabriel and other prominent historical figures to find out the “two words” that will save mankind and reset it to its original course.

Now this is really tricky. When an author uses Biblical characters in their story, readers who happened to read their Bibles have some sort of expectations about those characters. And when those characters turned out differently from Biblical sources, the story is already ruined for them. Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) somehow managed to pull it off when he put Mechizedek in the path of the boy Santiago; Robin Parrish (Relentless) wasn’t so lucky with his modern day Lucifer.

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