The Cause of Biblical Illiteracy

Dan Dumas on expository preaching:

Many churches aren’t getting expository preaching from the pulpit. This is a primary cause for the epidemic of biblical illiteracy in the pews. Preachers aren’t teaching the Bible, and they’re not teaching their people how to read it and study it for themselves. Not surprisingly, people grow disinterested in the Bible.

Faithful, expository preaching is instead being replaced with whatever scratches the itching ears of our self-centered, consumerist culture. Ironically, this pursuit of relevance has achieved just the opposite. People don’t see the immediate impact that the Bible has on their lives because preachers are too busy trying to chase the bankrupt idol that is relevance.

Why has expository preaching been exchanged for this pragmatism? Because it’s hard work. It takes serious commitment to spend time studying week in and week out, praying through the text, allowing it to marinate the preacher’s own soul, spending time in the original languages, trying to place himself in the first century and reading the insights of men past and present with more wisdom than he. Continue reading The Cause of Biblical Illiteracy