Book Review: TITHING by Douglas Leblanc

Douglas Leblanc’s book called TITHING is one of Thomas Nelson’s Seven Ancient Practices Series. When I first saw the series title in 2011, I thought it was a great idea to get to know the practices of the early church and see how they could be translated into our modern times.

There are seven practices included in this series: Tithing, Sacred Meal, Fasting, Fixed Hour of Prayer, Hallowing of the Sabbath, Observance of the Liturgical Year and Doing a Pilgrimage. The first three disciplines (tithing, sacred meal and fasting) are related to the body, its product and its appetite. The remaining four have something to do with the way we spend our time.

I happen to read Scot McKnight’s book on Fasting in this series. While it did not overwhelm me, it was helpful to me in shaping my understanding about true fasting. Our church has an annual schedule of prayer and fasting every January and every year, I turn to John Piper and Scot McKnight to refresh my mind on biblical fasting.

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