Sun Stand Still Quotes

Whether your vision is met with cheers or jeers, outside opinion cannot be your sustenance. Man cannot live by bread alone, and he certainly can’t survive on a steady diet of attaboys. He who lives by the approval of others will die by the absence of the same.


A high calling often exacts a high price. But it always yields an astronomical return. When God comes toward you with the flint knife, remember that he’s not out to hurt you. He’s aligning your desires with his desires so that he can accomplish the impossible in your life.

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There’s Always a Trade-Off

Steven Furtick, Sun Stand Still:

There’s always a trade-off. Before God can bring his promises to pass in your life, he has to strip away all the stuff that keeps you from trusting him wholeheartedly. And that stuff is on the inside. God’s invisible work in you prepares you for his visible works through you.

Certain components of spiritual success are easy to see. These are the tangible, public, and obvious victories that inspire you to admire well-loved heroes. But the training ground for those victories is the stuff you can’t see. Crossing over into God’s promise is always accompanied by a cutting-away process. And once you’ve crossed over the Jordan by embracing your [God-given] vision, there are some intense internal challenges waiting for you on the other side.

I don’t know exactly what this cutting-away process will look like for you. God has a personalized calling for your life, so the sacrifices he calls you to make will be specific and unique. All sorts of variables play into this. The things that God will call you to lay down or walk away from will depend a lot on where you’ve come from and where he’s taking you. And only he knows that.

God may have to cut away some of your self-centered dreams to make room for his bigger and better dreams. Maybe the desires of your heart are wrapped in ambition for status instead of passion for Jesus.

God has scheduled me for open heart surgery on many occasions to deal with my distorted priorities and superficial motives. At times, he’s graciously allowed me to get my heart right by inspiring me to humble myself through fasting, prayer and repentance. But other times, he chooses to strip away the ego and pride in my life through more drastic measures.

The thing is, sometimes God has to let your dream die so that his vision for you can come alive.

Catching Fire

God’s invitation for you to step out in audacious faith isn’t going to fall from the sky and hit you in the head. You’ve got to train your eyes to look for it. The impossible becomes possible only as you carefully observe and faithfully obey the direction of the Holy Spirit.

God wants to increase your influence and multiply your impact in more ways than you could ever imagine. But he doesn’t always do that by calling you to make dramatic changes in your life overnight. He probably won’t call your family to relocate to a remote jungle before the end of the month and translate the Bible into Braille for a tribe of blind cannibals. More likely, some ordinary opportunity or responsibility in your everyday life will seem to catch fire. Faith opens your eyes to see the potential to serve a God who is already at work on your behalf.

So don’t leave all the good parts for the Christian-celebrity A list. Don’t be disillusioned by a lack of special effects in your life. You’re probably standing next to a burning bush right where you live and work. That’s where audacity started for me. That’s where audacity started for Moses. And it’s not a bad starting place for you.

Excerpt from Steven Furtick’s book SUN STAND STILL