New Generation

If I have a passion with regard to discipleship, it is that tens of thousands of young leaders will outshine, outpreach and outperform me. [Steve Murrell, Accidental Missionary]

This is NOT normal. Only secure leaders can say this with real conviction. It is easier to build a ministry, put your name on it, and act like you own the whole operation.

Our natural tendencies tell us to be wary of fast growing leaders, to look at the newcomers with suspicion, especially those who have the potential to outperform us. Who do they think they are?

So we hold on to our names, our output, our finished products. We fear that we’ll be forgotten, that nobody would remember that we were the ones who broke the frontiers.

We’ve forgotten that this is the church, that God is a God of justice and that He will never forget to reward those who labored for Him. And we’ve mostly forgotten that this is how it’s supposed to be. When the early apostles gave way to Paul’s ministry, the gospel spread by leaps and bounds.

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