Build Up, Build Up

Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people. –Isaiah 57: 14

Make it easy for people to come to the Lord. Remove every obstruction. Take away all the stumblingblocks. Pave the way for people to come in. Don’t let your practices and common habits stand in the way. The return of God’s people should be anticipated and celebrated.

Open up your cliques. Open wide your hearts to receive more into your circles. Do not limit your heart to the few friends you’ve got. Don’t close up your group just because you feel like your intimacy is threatened. The family of God is big, wide, ever-increasing.

Stop looking at your petty concerns when you could be looking at the vast possibilities ahead. Why would you settle for a few droplets when the floodgates are at your disposal? Why settle for meager joys and meager results when you were wired to do greater exploits?

As we stand on the edge of breakthrough at Victory Caloocan, I challenge you to take a ride with the waves of God’s glory. Don’t be left behind when many of us are taking hold of this destiny that God has prepared for us as a corporate body and as individuals.

Build with us. Rally yourself behind the corporate vision God has entrusted to our movement. Tether your life to the greater mandate of Jesus to go and make disciples, to change the destiny of nations and make a difference in your sphere of influence. Your life is meant for greater things. Our time has come. Our time is here. Our time is now.

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