Discipleship and Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

What does nitrogen fixing bacteria have to do with discipleship, or Christianity for that matter?

A lot.

You see, in leguminous plants like soybeans and mongo, there is a kind of symbiotic bacteria that lives in their roots. They are the ones responsible for converting atmospheric nitrogen into nutrient form that would help plants grow. Without these bacteria, nitrogen would just float in the air and is pretty much useless to plants and the soil.

In Ephesians 1.3, Paul said that God the Father blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing IN CHRIST. See the connection? Blessings are sort of floating in the air. God put them there before the foundations of the world, they are for the people of God, and they are just waiting to be appropriated to their lives anytime. The only condition is that these people have to be IN CHRIST.

Every spiritual blessing is there, floating, hovering over us. Like nitrogen, they are available in the air. Like nitrogen, we don’t see them with our naked eye. Like nitrogen, they are waiting for the right conversion agent.

In Christ. That’s the operative word there. All these are for you IN CHRIST.

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