Discipleship and Karate

On our way home from dinner yesterday night, Pastor Noel was talking about karate. Now the one thing I know about karate is that I don’t know anything about it. That’s the reason why I was so struck with the parallels he drew about karate and ministry.

In karate, the higher level you attain, the more gentle you are with the people around you and the more you treat everyone right. That’s because you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You are secure with your karate skill level.

Whenever you see karate people who are loud, aggressive, and showy, you’ll know that they are new, untrained, and immature. They seem to feel the need to show off so people will recognize their skills.

The same thing with the ministry. The higher you go, the gentler you become. The more you do in the kingdom of God, the more it makes you a humble person. Mature people don’t have to prove themselves to anyone.

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    1. hhhmmm…but I think…there will be a time that The First becomes the last and Last Becomes the First…This Passage in the Bible disagree the Hierarchical Pattern of salvation.But I think the point that your talking about is regarding a Christian maturity; that the longer we follow Christ we should grow and have a better discernment about things. =)

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