The Difference Between Saints and Sinners

The difference between saints and sinners is very simple: Saints habitually repent. Sinners don’t see why they have to.

The more time you spend in communion with God, the more you become aware of your sinfulness. Those who are more saintly are more prone to find what’s wrong with their lives. They are more humble and more vividly aware of their need for grace.

Why is this so?

Because the divine light that shines on them from the Word of God is so bright that all spots of uncleanness are dealt with right away in repentance. And the longer they stay in God’s light, the more they realize that there is much to change.

In contrast, those who know God very little barely realize that they need to change at all. They have a vague idea that something is not right in their lives but because they refuse to expose themselves to the light of God’s Word, they don’t know what it is that needs changing. In their hearts, they are content that they get a glimpse of the light. Unfortunately, they never really wish to live in it.

This is very ironic. Those who are truly converted have a deepening sense of their sinfulness while those who are living in sin have a false sense of confidence that their spirits are doing just fine.