The Rise of New Calvinism

Roger Olson:

Much of the blame for the rise of the “new Calvinism” is ours—Arminians. We have failed to provide our young people with our theology. So naturally they think Calvinism is the only biblical, evangelical theology when they encounter it preached and taught by attractive, persuasive, young men like Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll, Louis Giglio, et al. And when they fall under the spell of John Piper who is simply a magician at persuasion.

This is exactly my sentiment. I remember sitting under the class of Pastor Luther Mancao in our School of Church Planting two years ago. Our discussion digressed a little to the challenges of pastoring and the Arminian-Calvinist divide was mentioned. I commented that one of the reasons why I am more inclined to the Calvinist doctrines of grace is because I could barely find solid Arminian theological books. John Piper’s name, on the other hand, is everywhere.

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