The Hobbit and Our Fascination with the Middle Earth

The second installment of The Hobbit movie will hit the theaters tomorrow and many people expect that just like the four previous Peter Jackson adaptations of the Tolkien books, the new movie will be a box office hit. Over at Desiring God, Tony Reinke wrote a compelling post about the allure of Middle Earth, about why people from different cultures, including those who have no history of monarchy in their governments, are fascinated with stories that involve a royalty:

There remains in kingship an enduring significance that is inescapable, something deeply burned into our souls, something telling us the world will only prosper when it’s ruled by the true king. Where no kings reign, evil reigns.

Tim Keller calls this fascination with royalty as a memory trace within us. Deep inside we know that we need a wise, compassionate and powerful king. We may not think of it in this category but our unrelenting desire for the perfect leader is a proof for this. You can listen to the entire message here. 

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