When Bono Met Eugene Peterson

I was reading Scott Sauls’ book From Weakness to Strength few months ago and I came across this heartwarming story about the time Bono the rockstar met with the aging pastor and writer Eugene Peterson. Sauls wrote:

“Recently, a friend sent me a YouTube video of a magnificent conversation between Bono and Eugene Peterson about the Psalms. The conversation had first been initiated by Bono, who had read some of Peterson’s books and wanted to meet him. Initially, Peterson declined the request to meet because he was in the middle of translating the book of Isaiah for what has now become The Message, a contemporary paraphrase of the Bible.

“In the video, there is an interview of Eugene Peterson where the interviewer expresses shock that the pastor and writer would turn down a meeting with the world-famous rock star for any reason. Speculating that this could have been the first time anyone ever turned down a meeting with Bono, the interviewer said, “This is Bono we’re talking about, for goodness’ sakes!”

“Eugene Peterson humbly (and humorously) responded to the interviewer, “But this is Isaiah we’re talking about.”” 

I managed to track down the Youtube video and watched it for myself. The conversation with the interviewer starts at 1:48.

Eugene Peterson went home to be with the Lord in October 22 this year. Christianity Today posted an obituary here.


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Jojo Agot

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